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Removing Barriers and Building Bridges

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Richard & Katherine Twiss

Co-Founders of Wiconi International

In February of 1997, Richard & Katherine Twiss co-founded Wiconi International (now known simply as "Wiconi"). At the time they had moved to Plummer, Idaho, on the Coeur d'Alene Reservation where Richard was working on staff of a Christian organization who started a Native newspaper. After funding unexpectedly ended and so did the position, they were left without a job, savings or a contingency plan wondering, with great alarm, what they and their four young sons were going to do. It was during this time of personal crisis that, as an act of faith and obedience, they launched Wiconi International.

With their sons future and well-being in mind, they moved, later that year, back to Vancouver, Washington so their four sons could complete their high school education and reconnect with their families and friends. With the exception of that year in Idaho, they have lived in Vancouver since 1981.

The international headquarters of Wiconi has outgrown its humble 10X10 spare room with only Richard & Katherine doing everything in 1997, into a multiple staff organization. Creator has blessed their simple faith and obedience as Wiconi has grown into a dynamic national organization that is making a significant impact among First Nations people here and abroad.

As the influence of Wiconi has rapidly expanded, so has the leadership team and network. Wiconi is honored and privileged to be served by a talented, passionate and loving team of leaders and servants. Richard and Katherine are deeply grateful for the team of men and women who have joined the Wiconi Tiyospaye “Extended Family.”

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Quotes from the late DR.Richard Twiss:

Katherine and I are grateful for the love and kindness of the Creator in our lives. We have been blessed and continue to grow in our love, friendship, respect and appreciation for each other after thirty-five years of marriage as well as having raised four remarkable sons.

We continue to enjoy our journey together through the difficulties, challenges, disappointments and failures, as well as success's of life. Wiconi International was born out our dreams and visions to live meaningful and fulfilling lives as followers of the ways of Jesus. We want to serve and assist as many Native American people as possible to enjoy the kind of fulfilling life we have experienced as we journey together in our communities.

Thank you for visiting us at our website and making our acquaintance. We would welcome your participation with us in serving our local Portland/Vancouver native community to work together towards a preferred and hope-filled future, or whatever community you call home.

Let us introduce you to our family, who have all, in many ways, made it possible for Wiconi International to grow into the strong, growing national organization it has become these past fourteen years.

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