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Removing Barriers and Building Bridges

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The 2018 Pine Lake Family Camp will be August 24 - 26, 2018

2017 Family Camp, Pine Lake, Alberta: A First

Indigenous Pathways and Wiconi in partnership with the Salvation Army Canada held our first culture camp at Pine Lake in Alberta, Canada. The camp was modeled after our long-running Wiconi Family Camp and Traditional Powwow which is held each July in Oregon.

This first year, the Pine Lake camp was hosted by The Salvation Army Canada from September 8 to 10. The theme was “A Journey of Reconciliation” featuring singer/song writer and NAIITS Board member Cheryl Bear, and Dr. Terry LeBlanc, the Indigenous Pathways Director and Wiconi’s Dr. Casey Church.

All three shared special presentations concerning our faith in Jesus as Native American and First Nations people. Also sharing a special message at the camp was Salvation Army’s Commissioner Susan McMillan. The Pine Lake camp is in a very beautiful location located midway between Edmonton and Calgary.

Special teachings were given on the construction and use of the Traditional Sweat Lodge and also the Traditional Tipi where attenders were able to participate in the construction of each style.

The highlight of this first camp was our traditional powwow where dancers from the United States and Canada shared their unique styles of dance. Further dancing also includes many intertribal dances including the Potato dance, a fun competitive partner’s dance, where partners dance with a potato balanced between their foreheads. The winning pair is the team that dances the longest without dropping their potato.

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