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Removing Barriers and Building Bridges

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A New Uprising for God's Glory

In this captivating chronicle of the Native American story, Richard Twiss of the Rosebud Lakota/Sioux sifts through myth and legend to reveal God's strategy for the nation's host people.

With wit, wisdom and passion, Twiss shows God's desire to use the cultures of First Nations peoples--in all their mystery, color and beauty--to break through to those involved in New Age mysticism, Eastern religions, even Islam.

One Church, Many Tribes is a rallying cry for the Church to work as one so that the lost may learn to walk in life with beauty, along the path of the Waymaker.


Missio Alliance Essential Reading List of 2015
One of Seedbed's 10 Notable Books from 2015 The gospel of Jesus has not always been good news for Native Americans. The history of North America is marred by atrocities committed against Native peoples. Indigenous cultures were erased in the name of Christianity. As a result, to this day few Native Americans are followers of Jesus. However, despite the far-reaching effects of colonialism, some Natives have forged culturally authentic ways to follow the way of Jesus. In his final work, Richard Twiss provides a contextualized Indigenous expression of the Christian faith among the Native communities of North America. He surveys the painful, complicated history of Christian missions among Indigenous peoples and chronicles more hopeful visions of culturally contextual Native Christian faith. For Twiss, contextualization is not merely a formula or evangelistic strategy, but rather a relational process of theological and cultural reflection within a local community. Native leaders reframe the gospel narrative in light of post-colonization, reincorporating traditional practices and rituals while critiquing and correcting the assumptions of American Christian mythologies. Twiss gives voice to the stories of Native followers of Jesus, with perspectives on theology and spirituality plus concrete models for intercultural ministry. Future generations of Native followers of Jesus, and those working crossculturally with them, will be indebted to this work. BUY

Native American Contextual Ministry: Making the Transition (Centre for Pentecostal Theology Native North American Contextual Movement Series)

Casey Church is convinced that if Native American churches are to be effective and fruitful, they must take advantage of the Native cultural context. He believes that they must do whatever is necessary to help lead every lost Native person to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a result of his research on organizational change, barriers to change, and the best approaches to making change, Church is able to help pastors and church leaders develop a better understanding of the transitions and changes they will face when they transition to a Native American Contextual Ministry. Dr. Church introduces ideas and approaches for making change and transition achievable without anxiety and fear. Learning about the process of change and transition will provide ‘handles’ that can be used to manage change and transition to create the Native church of the future. Written specifically to encourage those who are ready for change, this book contains personal experiences, specific situations, proven approaches, and practical advice for pastors and laity to approach change and transition with confidence.

Holy Smoke: The Contextual Use of Native American Ritual and Ceremony
Church argues that discipleship among Native peoples is best undertaken as a spiritual journey that has at its core biblical instruction and mentoring by individuals and families that model a lifestyle that reflects transformation in Jesus Christ. When accompanied by the ‘contextual’ use of Native rites such as the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, the Pipe Ceremony, and Powwow dancing and singing with the drum, participants who go through these ‘rites of passage’ experience an increased sense of spiritual well-being and self-esteem through this authentic Native expression of their Christian faith. The book illustrates deep reflection and integration of biblical teaching in the preparation and practice of these Native rites, transforming the old embedded meanings of these rites, while retaining their distinctive familiarity for participants. Church shows how the integration of biblical instruction, the practice of a biblical lifestyle, and contextual sacred and ceremonial rites in alcohol recovery and family camp ministries have together led to recovery and spiritual development in Christ. We commend this book to anyone who has a serious commitment to making disciples in Native American communities.– Sherwood Lingenfelter, Senior Professor, and Judith Lingenfelter, Affiliate Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA.

Dreamcatching: Following in the Footsteps of Richard Twiss (Centre for Pentecostal Theology Native North American Contextual Movement Series)
Sue and Ray Martell have tackled the stacks of notes, letters, and sermons of Richard Twiss to give us a glimpse into Richard's early journey into contextualization. These preserved words come to us years after Richard's passing, and are insights into his genius. His words flowed from his heart and soul so naturally through his pen. There is a great need to increase the body of literature useful for training contextual practitioners. This book is a welcome addition, and will be used in that way. - Casey Church

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