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Dear Friends of Wiconi International,

Jesus said “ Listen carefully: Unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world, it is never any more than a grain of wheat. But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many times over.” (John 12:24 the Message)
Dr. Richard Twiss was captivated by LIFE. The Vision and meaning of “WICONI” is LIFE. Katherine and the board of Wiconi are captivated and resolved that the life of Richard and his vision in Wiconi- though for a season are buried-will “Irrepressibly” sprout and reproduce themselves “many times over”!!!

In this season of great loss it would be a tragedy to miss our Lord’s admonition; “ Listen carefully”…. Dr. Richard Twiss, his Passion, Plans and Vision that he and Katherine championed for years REMAINS
In the midst of our experience of loss it would be all too easy to assume that the days of Wiconi’s life have come to an end. That would be tragic, and very much in error. For while a huge void has been left by the transition to the other side of life’s journey, of our friend, brother, leader, and “common man,” Dr. Richard Twiss, the vision he and Katherine championed for many years remains.
Though to many of you Richard and Katherine were Wiconi, Richard made very clear to those of us close to his thoughts, that this was not the case. Though Richard did not see the future with the clarity he might have wanted, his ideas urged us to believe by faith that our Creator has always had his hand on Wiconi International and always will.

The Wiconi board has before it now, the task of ensuring Richard and Katherine’s vision continues to go forward producing good fruits. We see a multitude of youth, in particular those who were impacted by the life and work of Richard, continuing the war against the thief, beating down the enemy of our souls and communities around the world.

We must also ensure that the vision of Wiconi continues – and with your help, and our Creator’s grace, the board intends to make that a reality. In the weeks and months ahead, the regular events of Wiconi’s ministry will continue under the guidance of the Board and staff. Areas of new vision Richard was working on will also become more evident in due time.
We look forward to your continued support in honor of that vision.

As we mourn the loss of our brother Dr. Richard Twiss we should take comfort knowing that Richard has now entered into the fullness of life of which John spoke, and which the Savior Jesus provides. He now dances in his regalia around the Saviors throne. And now the promise of LIFE many times multiplied will go out to the world!!

Blessings to all,
The Board of Wiconi International



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