Family Camp 2010


Our 2010 Family Camp and Powwow



 More than 270 people laughed, ate, prayed and worshiped together, drawing closer to Jesus. Together with another 1000 people who enjoyed the Saturday powwow, it all came together to make our 6th Annual Mni Wiconi Wacipi "Living Waters Powwow" and Family Camp, the best ever! 19 families (62 total people), 8 Elder families (16 Elders) along with 1 Youth group (15 people) received scholarships to attend!

With so much hardship in Native communities today, our annual gathering is absolutely an oasis of "living water" for those who attend. One of the telltale signs of Creator's blessing is the number of local Native community members who attend the powwow each year to dance and enjoy the day because, as they say, "I like the spirit I sense in this place."

 Here are a few comments from people about their experience at family camp last year:

A young man said, "While dancing in the powwow, I felt a spiritual moment that left me so thankful that I am Native."

A children's worker said, "It's beautiful to see how they are growing up in the Lord and their faith is incorporated naturally with Native culture and traditions."

Another said, "I will refer our foster families who have Native children to consider attending camp next year."

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