Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering with Wiconi International?
There are many volunteer opportunities at local Wiconi events and with our partner organizations throughout North America.
Please contact:
Gary Eastty, Volunteer Coordinator
Wiconi International
PO Box 5246
Vancouver, Washington 98668
Phone: 360-546-1867
Fax: 360-546-3801
e-Mail: geastty@wiconi.com
Please fill out, print, sign, and mail the following volunteer application to Gary Eastty.

Volunteer Application PDF

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Meet some of our Wiconi Volunteers:

Bob and Cooky Wall

Bob served over 35 years in local government, including 20 years as the Fire Chief  in Palo Alto, California and then in the City of Portland, Oregon. After his retirement, Bob served as Interim Director of Ministries in their church.  Whether leading in the fire service or the local church, a similar question plagues him, "How do we, as a society, tolerate injustice and unequal opportunity based upon race and gender?" Bob was raised in a small lumber and agricultural town in Oregon, and educated in the early sixties in California as our country struggled with the fundamental values of our civil rights. His career was as much about breaking the barriers to employment opportunities for minority Americans as it was about responding to smoke and fire.  His passion burns even more today with Christís heart for racial healing and reconciliation.

Cooky was born into an extended Greek and French Canadian family in the San Francisco Bay Area of California; and 35 years later, she was reborn into the family of the Creator.  In 1994, she and Robert received Godís call to Oregon, and so she retired as a small business owner and public official and left her family and friends.  God is continuing to grow and shape her perspectives and expand her theological categories through the experiences He gives her most notably her participation in the Rosebud Reservation Immersion as well as traveling as the only White woman with a group of Black women to the antebellum South. She and Robert joined Wiconi in 2007, and are committed to Wiconiís mission of removing barriers and building bridges in the Spirit of Jesus.  Both Robert and Cooky serve in various leadership capacities in their church as well as the Portland community, and enjoy every opportunity to get in their RV and spend time with their extended family in California which includes two children and five grandchildren.


 Volunteering with Wiconi International


Why Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Wiconi International. We are delighted in your interest and hope that your experience will be as much a blessing to you as you will be to the lives of those we have the privilege to serve. We believe that true leadership in any human endeavor is rooted in the profound witness of service. We appreciate and welcome individuals, couples, groups and organizations interested in working together with us to serve specifically the wonderful people in our local Native American community.

It is our aim to humbly and honestly to serve our friends, love our neighbors, work for the common good of our community and participate in the healing of the wounds of our nation regarding the relationship between Native and Euro-American people Ö in the spirit of Jesus.


Background: Volunteer Projects

A few years ago, youth from a local church began visiting the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon to serve at a local reservation church.  Following their first project during a summer visit, they returned during the annual Lincoln Day Powwow in Simnasho Community in February.  They served over the weekend in many ways including, sweeping floors, emptying trash, keeping restrooms cleaned, preparing food, and serving food and then after the powwow attendees had gone home, they cleaned the whole Longhouse for the next days use.  The group served at Warm Springs for over five years, and later was invited to participate in the annual Pi-Um-Sha Powwow in June.

It was from observing this group that we decided to move ahead with a long time desire to formalize a core team/group of Wiconi volunteers to serve our native community.  We have been very glad to have numerous outstanding individuals from our Portland/Vancouver metro area who now join us for several special and annual native events throughout the year. 


Volunteer Program Goals

To Remove Barriers and Build Bridges for the Common Good by:           

ē        Initiating and maintaining mutually enriching relationships and friendships with members of our native community

ē        Introducing non-natives to native people and culture through personal experiences and respectful participation through voluntary serving

ē         Introducing native people to Wiconi and itís mission

Annual Events 

  • March        Covington Title VII Native American Indian Education Program Powwow, Vancouver, WA 
April Nez Perce Chief Redheart Memorial Ceremony, Ft. Vancouver, WA 

  • May In Honor of Our Children (Title VII), Kelso, WA
June Delta Park Powwow, Portland, OR
July/August Wiconi Family Camp and Traditional Inter Tribal Pow Wow 

  • Ongoing Informational/Fundraising Desserts


Volunteering Opportunities

If you or a group you are associated with would be interested in joining us, please fill out, print, and mail the brief Volunteer form listed above and our Community Relations Coordinator; Gary Eastty will get in touch with you. 

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