Multi-Media Vision & Purpose

Howard & Charlyne Lane
Multi-Media Coordinators
Over the years Howard and Charlyne have initiated, pioneered, founded, and/or managed Community outreach ministries, Teen Centers, Evangelism teams using Drama and performing arts, Educational programs in the churches, Computer labs in youth groups & community centers; Filmed and produced video documentaries, teaching videos, event videos, special interest videos and developed multi media presentations for seminars and conferences. The Lanes have truly come to know and appreciate that God does not call the equipped, but rather, He equips those He called!”
The Lanes work with Wiconi International as the Multi-Media Coordinators. It seems to be a perfect fit and the Lanes feel all their training thus far has been in preparation for what He is calling them to now. 

Wiconi's desire is to see the powerful visual tools in media and website development put to work in serving Native people. It's our desire to see this happen for Wiconi as a front-runner and then assist other Native American organizations to use the technologies available. It is our goal to not only provide these services for organizations, but to train First Nations men and women to use the equipment, take these skills back into their communities to produce materials for educational purposes. This would enable them to deposit back into their people and bring hope where hope has often been lost.

 The Goal is to:

  • To make teaching and instructional videos.
  • To record events to make available to those who are unable to attend.
  • Make multi-media presentations to be used by Native leaders to enhance their goals and efforts.
  • To record stories of the Elders for historical preservation and to identify God in the stories for the next generation.
  • Produce short First Nations relevant dramas with a message
  • Produce First Nations music videos

Putting a good informative, instructional, or entertaining video in their hands of a learner can give a life changing experience. And seeing First Nations people as the teachers, artists, and stars of the media will encourage those in the community that they can do it too!

And Creator’s plan doesn’t just stop with the products produced; the Lanes are excited to see the one on one relationships and friendships that form as they work shoulder to shoulder with the young men and women in this new Multi Media Adventure! 

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