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Richard Twiss and Wiconi International enjoy widespread support from the church, academic, business, professional and local/national native communities representing a broad range of backgrounds.

Ministry Leaders

Dr. Jerry Yellowhawk, Lakota/Sioux elder
Former District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Native American Ministries
"I can feel your heartbeat in the mission, vision and purpose statements of Wiconi International. You are on track and target! I am praying for you and I am with you as you gently paddle your canoe in these unfamiliar waters. Your approach to ministry is one that should have been used in the beginning of Native ministries, with new understanding and appreciation of Native culture from the non-Indian community. You and I know what we are up against. As the old saying goes, `Much water has flowed under the bridge' since I came along. Sometimes it gets lonely in this old canoe, so when I see young men enter the ministry, I am for them. I wholeheartedly endorse and support your vision for Wiconi International."

Stephen B. Kellough
Chaplain of the College - Wheaton College
"Richard Twiss is a person with a message that needs to be heard by the Church, Native Americans, and the world. It's a message of inclusion and cooperation and where the Church recognizes the contributions of Native American Christians."

Dave Rhodes
Director Association of Christian Schools International, Rocky Mountain Region
Richard Twiss was recommended to me for an ACSI Teacher Convention at which the topic was "teaching to transform culture." To put it mildly, Mr. Twiss was well received by several thousand Christian school educators who heard him speak.  He made us think about and consider current cultural and worldview issues impacting America's schools and churches.  His message reached beyond Native American cultural issues to broader cultural and ethnicity issues.  Mr. Twiss' messages were substantive, motivational and humorous.  His keen sense of humor contributes to the clarity with which he presents issues and arguments.  School administrators still speak to me about the "stimulating faculty discussions" that grew out of his presentations.  I have quickly grown to deeply respect Mr. Richard Twiss.

Dr. Charles H. Kraft, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
School of World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Now, after many years of cultural domination by well-meaning but culturally insensitive missionaries and those they have trained, some within the Native American community are beginning to see that Native American culture, like First Century Gentile culture, can be used by God. Richard Twiss and Wiconi International is one of these. We have usually required our converts to adopt some version of our cultural expression of Christianity as if that were endorsed by God. We have often made the mistake of seeing the culture of our converts as the enemy. "The Native American community has waited too long to hear the message of Jesus in a culturally appropriate, acceptance-possible form. I have known Richard Twiss for several years now and I heartily endorse the motives and aims of Wiconi International and count it a privilege to be a supporter."

Adrian Jacobs, Cayuga from the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy
"Richard has been first my friend. What unites us is a common desire to see a new paradigm of ministry among First Nations peoples. I have appreciated Richard boldly stepping out to "do" some of the things I have "thought" of doing. I heartily endorse the vision of Wiconi International because I share it fully. Wampum is a beaded belt containing symbols representing an agreement reached between two covenant partners. My wampum belt with Richard would picture two men joining hands and holding up the cross of Christ."

Dr. Ray Aldred, Ph.D, Cree
Associate Professor, Ambrose College, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Richard Twiss has been and will continue to be a leader among our First Nations churches in Canada.  Richard's contribution is not only in the United States but in Canada and beyond.  He is a world class speaker and brings insight into some difficult issues, namely, how we can take the gospel to a world that is changing.  I endorse Richard as a man of integrity, vision and fortitude.

Don Richardson - Author, Peace Child, Eternity in Their Hearts 
President, Don Richardson Ministries
"Richard Twiss, a Lakota Native American in a predominantly Anglo America is one of a new group of articulate Native Christian leaders. It is my hope that Christians everywhere will pray for these new leaders. Their message is like a healing balm for the many racist wounds inflicted over time."

Mike Ross, (Maori)
Te Hou Ora, Aotearoa, former National Director/Coordinator, (New Zealand)
"Reports came from around the country as to the impact Richard had on the young people at Capital Teen Convention. The genuineness of his testimony and ability to communicate on their level stimulated much thought and discussion. Richard was a great encouragement and a wealth of knowledge regarding culture and the gospel." 



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