Excerpts from Richard's Books

We have taken excerpts from some chapters of Richard's books that deal with several of the more controversial issues related to the relationship between Native cultural expressions and Biblical faith. We have made them available for reading and downloading. His books and materials are being read and used all across the land to help people become better acquainted with solid orthodox Biblical perspectives on the topics of drumming, dancing and symbols as legitimate expressions of Biblical faith and outreach to unbelievers. (Please take note these are all copyrighted materials, so only up to twenty copies may be made for personal or group study only, unless written permission has been received from our office.)

1998 by Richard Twiss (revised 2002)

"Perspectives on Syncretism, Critical Contextualization and Cultural Practices in First Nations Ministry"

This is an excellent booklet to help the reader gain a better grasp of some of the controversial issues of Biblical faith and First Nations culture. Many First Nations national Christian leaders generously endorse it. It is a forty-five-page booklet published by Wiconi International

"Richard Twiss, in his work "Dancing Our Prayers" gives a thoughtful and balanced approach to the theological issue of contextualization and syncretism. It is required reading for our Bible School Students."
Randy & Cheryl Barnetson, (Carrier Nation) - Founders of the First Nations Bible College and Pastors of Street Church in Vancouver, BC. Cheryl is a national board of the Foursquare International Church of Canada

"Richard, thank you for your hard work in the booklet. I believe in you and in your pursuit of better approaches to evangelism among Native North Americans and others. God bless you and all your team."
Don Richardson - Missiologist and Author of Eternity in Their Hearts, Peace Child and other missions' classics.

"This booklet is a thoughtful addition to the ongoing quest to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all of our social, intellectual, physical, emotional being; to offer all that we are as a living sacrifice to Him who draws us to himself. Well done!"
Ray Aldred, (Cree Nation) - National Director, First Nations Alliance Churches of Canada - (Christian & Missionary Alliance)

Culture, Christ, & Kingdom
1996 by Richard Twiss

Seminar Study Guide

This eighty-five study guide takes the reader through a close examination of the critical issues of carrying out ministry efforts among First Nations people. Why are Native people so resistant to the Gospel? What needs to change to better reach the 95% of Native people without Christ? How can we more effectively translate the unchanging truths of scripture into the cultural context of Native people? There are questions meant for discussion at the end of each chapter to help the readers think for themselves and to discover the answers to these questions and more from the Word of God.

(This study guide is the teaching syllabus for a sixteen-hour live seminar by the same name taught by Richard Twiss and two of his teaching associates. Richard can also teach it in an abbreviated form in six hours. The Seminar has been presented in local churches, bible schools and training centers. If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a Christ, Culture and Kingdom Seminar, please contact our office for details.)

One Church Many Tribes - Following Jesus The Way God Made You
2000 by Richard Twiss

"An outstanding book that will help bring compassion and reconciliation between diverse peoples created in the image of God and for whom Christ died."
Dr. Bill Bright, Cofounder, Campus Crusade for Christ

"Richard Twiss' vision and commitment to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through innovative methods that do not condemn the cultures of Native people makes my heart glad. I wholeheartedly endorse and support his vision for Wiconi International and of One Church Many Tribes."
Dr. Jerry Yellowhawk, Lakota/Sioux, former District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Native American Ministries

One Church Many Tribes is not merely a book about Native Americans. It is about God's heart for Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. I heartily recommend it."
Tommy Tenney, Author of The God Chasers

"A perfect blend of intriguing personal stories, vignettes from history, biblical principles and cross-cultural applications. One Church Many Tribes cries out to the Church, inviting Christians everywhere to understand and stand together with First Nations people."
F. Douglas Pennoyer, Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies, Biola University


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