Family Camp 2012

"I want my kids to grow up here."

2012 found us celebrating with 270 people attending camp and 1100 at the Saturday powwow. Our Asian friends, as usual, provided us with our children's program. Once again our Island friends blessed those 1100 by roasting the pigs in the pit. We heard great stories during main sessions and around the meal table; we also had loads of fun during our family free time; and of course times of prayer and healing for many prior to them returning to their homes.

A couple quotes come from one father: "I want my kids to grow up here. This is a good way for my little ones to grow up." Some folks join us every year and we know some young people who started coming to camp when they were eight years old and now they are fifteen. We are truly going deeper with the relationships developed during this annual event.














"Sure glad I came this year,
I'm headed there next year too!"





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